IT Service

Mid Arctic provides expert, reliable and secure information systems service. We provide professional services including consultation and systems management. We also provide expert on-site repair services Yukon wide for networks, computers, tablets, printers, phone systems and other connected devices. We provide specialized services including remote service delivery for national providers, network security audits, cloud services consultations, data recovery and laboratory data recovery.

Repair Services

Your personal and business computers need to just work. They need to properly connect with all your other devices. We understand and we can help. Drop off your computer at our Service and Support Centre today or call for an on-site appointment. We will provide our expert’s informed diagnosis and clearly explain your options to you.

Support Services

We are here to help. We are trained to help and love to help. Wherever you live in the Western Arctic or just across the road, we provide business and residential help desk and support services, remotely and by telephone. We provide support on a case by case basis or as part of an overall contract. We've provided accessible expert help and support for more than 5 years and collectively much longer.

Meet the Team

  • Photo of Chris May

    Chris - President, Senior Analyst, 25+ years experience

    Chris is Mid Arctic’s Senior Analyst and Technologist. With education in electronic engineering, business management, development, consultation and information management, Chris holds numerous technical certifications and leads both our business and technical teams.

  • Photo of Mike Glowasky

    Mike - Service Manager, 14+ years experience

    Mike is the Service Manager at Mid Arctic where his ITIL certifications and strong understanding of incident management, project management and business continuity, ensure quality of service. Mike is focused on providing an exceptional customer service experience.

  • Photo of Gary

    Gary - Client Relations Manager, 15+ years experience

    Gary is the Client Relations Manager at Mid Arctic who’s main focus is to provide ongoing business to business support to current customers, while promoting the expertise of Mid Arctic all Northerners. He’ll also use his extensive education and experience in business to develop marketing and strategic initiatives.

  • Photo of Joel Chambers

    Joel - Senior Service Technician, 7+ years experience

    Joel is a focused technician with a strong understanding of network transport systems and administration. Joel holds Cisco and a number of other industry certifications. He is a friendly, capable service-driven professional.

  • Photo of Nathan Thomas

    Nathan - Service Technician, 5+ years experience

    Nathan comes to us from Nunavut. Nathan has a very strong technical aptitude and customer service ethic. Nathan is currently pursuing the experience and certifications needed to become a Senior technician at Mid Arctic.

  • Photo of Chris Wheeler

    Chris – Customer Service and Support 15+ Years experience.

    Christopher’s extensive education paired with experience delivering customer service, project development, management, technical support and educational programs make him an effective and versatile member of our team.

About Mid Arctic Technology Services:

Mid Arctic Technology Services has the most experienced IT team available in the Yukon. Staff at Mid Arctic Technology Services are chosen for their commitment to providing the best services possible as well as for their technical expertise.

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Mid Arctic technicians hold major industry certifications from Cisco, Microsoft, COMPTia and ITIL. Mid Arctic staff are required to, and supported in maintaining up to 12 technical certifications. This combined with their technical service experience ensures a better quality of service and quicker problem resolution for our clients.

The Oxford english dictionary says Expert: [n., v. ek-spurt; adj. ek-spurt, ik-spurt] A person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area. Experts have a prolonged or intense experience through practice and education in a particular field.

Remote Service Delivery

Mid Arctic provides remote service delivery for Nation Service providers supporting products with service contracts and plans. We are the service provider for IBM Global services and a number of others including major retailers.


All staff are expert and experienced repair technicians. We perform complete diagnostics, repair, part replacement with exceptional skill and efficiency.


Several of our staff are educated and/or experienced printer diagnostic and repair technicians. We guarantee all of our physical printer repairs.


We repair tablets and some smartphones. Android and windows tablets such as Samsung, ASUS, Acer, HTC, Blackberry and many more, we repair some IOS/Apple out of warranty iPads.

Phone Systems

We expertly install and maintain Shoretel, Cisco or Mitel phone systems. Digital phone systems have a lower cost of setup, ownership. We can help you setup voice over IP on your existing phone system as well saving you hundreds to thousands of dollars per year.


Roughly 60% of small businesses go out of business within 6 months of a security breach. We provide security audits and with our training and certifications help expertly secure your systems from theft. Aside from ensuring obligations under PIPEDA and protection of your financial and operational data, you can provide an appropriate level of assurance to your clients that their confidential information is protected.

Data Recovery

We provide expert data recovery services. Our business principle has been trained in Data Recovery by Seagate in the past and we use the latest professional tools in local data recovery.

For mission critical recovery, we have a very long standing partnership with Canada’s oldest and most experienced data recovery lab, we provide them with all the information you need to expertly recover your data and we do not add additional markup to their services. We use this service as it the only way to ensure your data recovery project does not enter the U.S. and possibly be examined and retained by customs or other U.S. Law enforcement agencies.

These blended resource combined give us a 90% success rate in Data recovery and we do not charge for the other 10% and make us the Yukon’s data recovery experts.